After many years in the timber business, 48 years ago Will Branch began his new career in Antique Heart Pine and Antique Cypress recovery, milling, and sales of these valuable woods. Will Branch antique wood floors, paneling, beams, stair parts, moldings, and furniture are in many of the states of our nation. Will has a true understanding of the methods of recovery and milling. He realizes the fact that no more of this resource exits in nature. Will makes this statement;  "there is no more beautiful wood resource than Antique Heart Pine". Due to the cautious and responsible recovery these and other antique woods of authentic character, superior cutting and milling of these treasures, Will Branch Antique Lumber has become one of the most preferred sources of Antique Heart Pine, Antique Cypress, and other fine woods in the country. Will Branch customers include  individuals, architects, dealers, and contractors. Will Branch Antique Lumber is in the constant search covering several states to find sources for these wonderful and legendary building assets. By the recovery of these historic woods, which would otherwise be destroyed, Will Branch gives us a chance to enjoy this no longer abundant treasure again. Known for the respect of his customers and the old time power of a man's word, once a customer, always a customer at Will Branch Antique Lumber.

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