Available From The Angie School, Angie Louisiana All of these materials are available from The Angie School, Angie Louisiana. The last school milled by The Great Southern Lumber Company in Bogalusa, Louisiana during the early 1900s. Milled from the original huge Virgin Long Leaf Yellow Heart Pine Forests. All materials are Knot Free Lumber. Flooring 2.3/8 thick and 3-1/4 wide premium long lengths consisting of flooring, floor joists, and rafters. These materials will be milled into flooring - long lengths. Over 100,000 antique bricks and all other types of materials from the school are available. Will Branch is taking care of the dismantling of the school by hand to preserve all the material at its best quality. A list of all products, sizes, quantities, and pictures will be available as we start to dismantle The Angie School. If You may be interested, Please contact Will Branch by call or text: (985) 516-1258. You may also contact: BILL at (985) 516-2411.

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